Praise God In the Pain

The darkness around us will never stop God from being the Light of the World.

My truth today is coming from Psalm 13. When you have been in a pit and no longer have the answers on how to get out of your pit, you sit and worry and become so full of anxiety because you are not sure about the outcome. What do I do LORD? I cannot find you. Have you forgotten me LORD? In your eyes is it all seem hopeless. Our pain sometimes places a veil over the truth. I begin to think about David and his reason for penning the words of Psalm 13:1-3. We are all in a pit today. Many of us are asking the same question David ask of Him. “How Long, O Lord?”

How long, O LORD? Will You forget me forever? How long will You hide your face from me? How long must I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart day after day? How long will my enemy exalt himself and triumph over me? Consider and answer me, O LORD my GOD; give light to my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep of death.

Psalm 13:1-3 (Amplified Bible)

Have you ever felt like David? Like me? Life has a way of causing us to lose our way. There was a time I lost my way. I spent so much time trying to find the answer to my current circumstance, alone with being angry about how I got where I am, while trying to understand why. The pain in my heart was overwhelming. It was so great that I begin to seclude myself. I didn’t want the people I love to see my pain. So I grieve in the presence of GOD alone. I ask GOD all the hard questions. My heart was looking for answers. I was looking for peace. I wanted it all to be over. So I prayed and prayed and prayed. I wanted GOD to remove it all, but GOD had a better plan. GOD knows us. He understand the feeling of hopelessness. GOD’s question to us, “How long will we continue to walk in hopelessness?” Whatever we are going through in this life will never be bigger than GOD. Like David I understood the world would bring heartache, pain, and disappointment. GOD understands! GOD want us to understand what David understood. David is saying yes, this is how “I am feeling. My sorrow is overwhelming. I need you GOD! Please don’t hide your face from me! David was hurting. He was desperate for an answer. Because he was not hearing or seeing GOD move on his behalf, he felt like he was all alone. You may be feeling like David, but the fact is today and every day GOD is always here with us. Our feelings don’t negate the fact that GOD is greater than our pain and desperation. David needed help in his time of trouble. David also knew that GOD was the only one who could deliver him. David cried out to him in his pain, but he knew GOD. He knew GOD was on his side. In our pain we are not able to see what is right before us. We allow the pain of our circumstance to remove us from the presence of GOD. GOD promised us that HE would never leave us or forsake us. Even though we may feel like He has forgotten us, HE is right there with us. David said in Psalm 13:2, how long shall I take counsel in my soul?” When we take counsel in our own soul it will lead to our sorrow. Don’t look inside yourself for the answer, look to GOD! He is your only answer!

Look at Psalm 13:5, what did David know that GOD desire for us to know?

But I have trusted and relied on and been confident in your lovingkindness and faithfulness; my heart shall rejoice and delight in Your salvation. I will sing to the LORD, because He has dealt bountifully with me.

David knew the truth. He says in verse 5, even though I am hurting and desperate for an answer to my pain, LORD I trust you and rely on you. I am confident in your lovingkindness and your faithfulness. I am in this pit but my heart shall rejoice and delight in Your salvation. Therefore, I will sing to the LORD, because He has dealt bountifully with me. When you bring your trouble to GOD, He will give you peace in the midst of your trouble. I am a witness to this truth. Everyday, I see Him move in my life. In my eyes my circumstances seem to be hopeless. GOD is in complete control even though you may not understand. But like David, I will rest in GOD, in His faithfulness. GOD does not want His children to depend on the world to resolve their problems. He want us to depend on Him alone.

Money, jobs, people, bank accounts, degrees could not be compared to what GOD Almighty is able to do for you. Ask GOD today to build up your faith in Him. Let GOD be your shepherd. Everyday look to Him alone, knowing without a doubt that apart from Him there is no tomorrow. There is no peace in the midst of the storm apart from GOD. Everyday, I get up and I hold on to the truth of His word. Everyday, I am thankful for His presence in my life even when I feel He is not there. Everyday, I thank GOD the Father for loving this world so much that He give us His only begotten Son. Everyday, I seek His face relying on Him to order my footsteps. Will you do the same. Let GOD take control of the very circumstance that is stripping you of your peace.

Father GOD I pray for all your children today. Help us to understand the awesomeness of your love for each of us. As we come to you in prayer, hear our cry O God and listen to our prayer. From the end of the earth we call to you when our heart is faint. Lead us to the rock that is higher than each of us. For you LORD has been our shelter and a strong tower from the enemy. Help us to abide in your tabernacle for ever for we trust in the shelter of your wings. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


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